NBC Picks Up Courteney Cox & David Arquette’s New ‘Friends’-Like Show!

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Even though Courteney Cox and David Arquette are separated right now they are still working together and their new project, ‘Ten Years’ has been picked up by NBC, the show will be similar to, ‘Friends.’

According to Deadline,

Courteney Cox’s hit series Friends ran on NBC for 10 years, chronicling the lives of 6 friends over a decade. Now Cox and her ex/producing partner, David Arquette, are developing Ten Years, an ensemble comedy that explores the ups and downs of relationships among a group of friends spanning 10 years. It is one of 2 projects ABC Studios has sold to NBC. The other is a drama from writer Daniel Taplitz and producers Ian Sanders and Kim Moses. Written by Howard J. Morris (According To Jim), Ten Years tracks the ebb and flow of a 10 year relationship for a recently separated couple in the center of a group of friends and family. Morris, Cox and Arquette are executive producing. Inspired by a true story, The Next Insanely Great Thing is set in the last company town in America whose suburban townspeople agree to become test subjects for a high tech company’s social media experiments, with unexpected, hilarious and emotionally gripping results. Taplitz, Sanders and Moses are executive producing.

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