No Partying For Britney Spears on Tour!

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Britney Spears will head on tour soon, but its going to be a very PG-13 tour because Britney needs to take her medication ‘faithfully’. The other acts and dancers can not drink around Britney either.

Britney Spears has come a long, long way from her days of beating up cars with umbrellas and shaving her head, but people in her camp are worried the once mentally unstable singer will become overwhelmed on her Femme Fatale tour, which starts on June 16. In an effort to guard the delicate diva carefully, Britney’s handlers won’t allow her out after shows, and dancers won’t be able to drink around her at all.

Their other main concern? “She needs to take her medicine faithfully,” reveals an insider, who notes the 29-year-old is taking a combination of anxiety-calming medicines.

While her rep says the story is “not true,” the insider says, “Her family is watching her very carefully, since her meltdowns often happen without a whole lot of warning.”


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