Rapper Fabolous Clears Up Ray J Fight Rumors!

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Rapper Fabolous now has to tell his side of the Ray J/Fab  fight out and he claims that no punches were thrown and that it was quite possible that Ray J was high on drugs, whoa!

This is what Fab had to say via Vibe,

“Brandy’s lil brother is like ‘Yo, I’m here with the Money Team and we was talking about the jokes, and we wasn’t feeling the jokes.‘ So now I look over at 50 and they’re trying to see what Ray J is talking about…I’m like hold on. I’m looking at his eyes….is he serious? ‘Yo Ray J, whats wrong with you?‘ ‘Naw, we getting this money out here. The money team is right here…‘ and while he’s talking to me, he’s touching me on the shoulder and tapping me on the chest. I’m like ‘Don’t touch me.’ ‘What you mean don’t touch me, Fab?‘ Then he pushed off my chest…”

“He was on that “whitney” last night. Ain’t no swings take place. You can ask the Money Team. He’s probably the water boy for them. So I grab him up by his red hoodie, just chill out, Lil’ Red Riding Hood. …I let his hoodie go, pushed him back. He’s behind his security dude, screaming at the ceiling….Only thing that happened is my shades got lost. I went to my dressing room, we joked about it….”

Photo from PR Photos

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