Tareq Salahi Reveals Neal Schon Sent Him A Photo of His Privates!

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Tareq Salahi opens up about the day Michaele Salahi went missing, finding a photo of Neal Schon’s penis in an email and calls Michaele a ‘groupie slut’!

The RHODC husband shares that he received an email that was a “disturbing” picture of—wait for it—Schon’s penis!

“This was the lewdist, most disgusting thing I had seen. And I didn’t understand, why in the world would Neal Schon would be sending a picture of his penis to us at Oasis, our master account.”

As far as Michaele’s actions of going on tour with a rock band, well, to Tareq, that’s what “a groupie slut does,” and the fact that Schon’s been married five times (and is married right now) makes Tareq believe that this situation will definitely happen again, but next time “Michaele will be the victim.”

This really is a crazy story!!

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