Rihanna Spends Thousands a Week on Her Hair!

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Rihanna spends how much on her much on her hair…well the jury is out anywhere from $2K – $14K a week, but regardless that’s one expensive head of hair…Hey she is a superstar and can do that!

Coco Perez recently suggested that style chameleon Rihanna spends nearly $2,000 a week on her hair. But the Daily Mail suggests that the number is over $14,000. According to one of the members of her “entourage,” Ri-Ri’s mane guru, stylist Ursula Stephen, apparently charges around $2000 A DAY to keep the singer’s ever-changing locks looking luscious. That’s some heavy-duty maintenance! But you know what? Regardless of the actual cost, we can’t imagine Rihanna not changing her look so often because we’ve come to both appreciate and anticipate the sometimes crazy, always cool results.

The ragin’ red she’s been OWNING looks edgy and amazing. Also, it seems to go with virtually any style, from a more traditional bob or a pseudo-pixie to a glammed-up 1940s ‘do to intense mermaid tresses. It accentuates a variety of outfits too, from classic suits to party dresses and costumes. Even if you’re afraid to go for the bold color that Ri pulls off like a champ, you can give any of her styling options a try. She changes the length so often, there’s a style for all of us. Perhaps we shouldn’t judge how much she spends on her constantly changing hairstyle but rather applaud her consistently motivating inspiration. Now, please excuse us while we book a salon appointment…


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