Rita Ora Could Care Less About “Anyone’s opinion”

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Rita Ora is a spicy one! She may have had a messy breakup with Calvin Harris recently (and then there’s the breakup with Rob which was also messy) and she may not be liked by the Kardashians, but you know she probably doesn’t care. Rita sat down for a chat with UK’s Evening Standard paper and tells the writer you can ask “what the f— I like” and adds, She doesn’t “give two sh-ts about anyone’s opinion. This is who I am. Eat it,” and that’s according to the journalist.

The British spitfire talks about conforming to a certain image via ‘industry men’ when she first hit the scene at just 17 and had totally come in he rown at 23. “When I started I was only 17. I was overwhelmed with the power of men in the industry and the thinking that you have to fulfill somebody’s image. Obviously I love my record label. [My first album] was an amazing success but I wasn’t completely satisfied because I’d listened to a lot of men. I accepted tracks [they wanted] because, you know, it was a ‘legendary writer’ or something. This time, I feel more comfortable in my skin. I’m 23 and I’ve experienced a bit more. I’ve actually had fights about tracks that were not being approved by the label. Now I’m like, ‘I don’t care who wrote it’. And when someone says, ‘no this isn’t right,’ I say, ‘no this is f—ing right because it’s my album. That’s me being brutally honest.”

She even talks about her split from Calvin and their shared song, “I Will Never Let You Down” which he famously banned her from performing!

Rita may not care what you say about her but she does love the attention.

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