Snooki Reveals First Photo of Baby Lorenzo

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Snooki debuted her six day old baby Lorenzo Dominic on the latest cover of People Magazine.Snooki aka Nicole Polizza gave birth on August 24 said, “It’s a different kind of love that I never felt before.” Polizzi says that getting pregnant changed her, “When I got pregnant, everything changed.The partying is long gone. I’m a new person.”So how did they come up with the name Lorenzo,

“We were going back and forth, and I just happened to think of Lorenzo,” says Jionni LaValle, 25, who adds that he was inspired by a child he knew from his hometown, where he and Polizzi now live with his parents. “She loved it.”

The baby’s middle name, Dominic, is in memory of Polizzi’s uncle, who died. “I did it for my dad,” she says.

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