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I love a good tan!! Growing up I spent many summers in Florida (I live in NYC) on the sunny warm beaches, but as I got older the vacations got scarce and so did my tan. I can still get a tan in NYC, but beaches are limited so I jumped at the chance to try the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. I have tried self tanners in the past only to be disappointed with my orange, streaky and blotchy skin. I would just hide out until my skin returned to its normal color and then stash my ‘self tanner’ in a drawer only to be forgotten and never used again.

Then I saw a  picture of Kaley Cuoco at the People’s Choice Awards  and she had a nice glowing tan ( it didn’t look like a tan, more like a heathy glow and I said I gotta try this St. Tropez stuff. On Sephora.com the Bronzing Mousse received great reviews and I was done…I needed it). I was never a self tanner kinda person, but with the winter giving me the blues I said, let’s give it a go and let’s just say I’m digging my new tan (read obsessed)!

In Hand: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse & Applicator Mitt

Application: So I showered and waited a good 30 minutes before applying to make sure I was totally dry!  I headed to the bathroom I undressed  again and pinned my hair up. I took my applicator mitt and then I pumped the mousse onto the mitt and started on my legs and worked my way up. Instantly you see your skin get one shade darker. I made circular motions with my mitt and covered my entire body ( I could have used some help on my back, but I was flying solo!). I didn’t have any streaks and it blended very nicely. The fragrance is ok…you can tell its some kind of self tanner, but its kinda evaporates after a while. Wait 60 seconds until you are dry and voila you are done with your tan application. Don’t get wet for the next 4 hours! The next time you shower some of the tan will wash away and leave you with a very nice glowy tan.

My Thoughts: Love love love it!!!!On a scale from Nicole Kidman to Jersey Shore…I am a JLo! I will use this over and over again! I have one gripe…its the Applicator Mitt…its great for the body, but I wish St. Tropez made a little one for your face. You can use hand (with gloves), but I like the texture of the mitt and it leaves an even tan. **In the photo to the right…sorry about the quality will fix soon…it shows day 1 right after application and day 2 after 1st shower. If you look real close you will see the line on my skin **

You may not have known but a ton of celebs were spotted rocking the St. Tropez tan this weekend:

Tilda Swinton was given an ‘outdoor’ glow for the BAFTA Awards by Skin Finishing Expert Nicola Joss was inspired by Tilda’s Scottish roots.

Zooey Deschanel was given a a whimsical glow for her hosting gig on ‘SNL’ by Skin Finishing Expert Sophie Evans. Did you see Zooey as Mary Kate Olsen…spot on!!

Kelly Osbourne debuted her lovely glow at last night’s Grammy Awards. Skin Finishing Expert Fiona Locke went a touch darker than usual to give Kelly’s skin a pop against that beautiful dress!

My Tanning Tips: Please read before doing any self tanning!

1. PLEASE exfoliate!!! Start to exfoliate at least three days before you decide on self tanning, trust me!

My mistake… I didn’t exfoliate enough and I could see where the self tanner had creeped into and settled in my dry patches (in my initial application)…not a good look. Luckily I was covered and the next day when I washed off the tanner my skin looked back to normal. This wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t so dry!

2. Moisturize! Be sure to apply a lot of moisturizer to your skin to get evenest tan possible. Along with exfoliating you have to moisture, try a heavy moisturizer or oil days before application.

3. Make sure you work the tanner on all of you skin, maybe use a helper to get those tough to reach spots like your back. And if you are using the tanner on your face watch out for light brows (could end up brown) and work into your hairline so you don’t see an obvious line! I made that mistake and I could see the obvious line between the tanner and my pale skin near my hairline.

4. Check out your work…the tanner dries in 60 seconds, look for mistakes and fix them quickly with a wipe (eg. like a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe) or paper towel.

Price: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

$30, 4 oz. bottle

$40, 8 oz.

Applicator Mitt, $6

Available: St Tropez online, Sephora, Sephora.com

**Sample provided for review! Opinions are my own!**

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