Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio Still Going Strong, Head to Disneyland!

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Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are still going strong because the twosome were spotted over the weekend taking photos in Italy and then headed to Disneyland after the MTV Movie Awards. Hmmm, love is in the air!

The Disneyland visit took place in the late evening hours…I guess that is one way to stay low-key

According to a Disneyland witness, the hot new twosome and their entourage were escorted via private entrance to the front of the line on the “StarTours” ride past 11 p.m.. The Gossip Girl starlet wore a knit smock and a face-concealing hat, while DiCaprio donned jeans, windbreaker and a hat. The group  — seen taking photos of one another with their phones — enjoyed their own private ride on the Star Wars-themed simulation ride, according to the observer.

After midnight, the VIP crew was spotted again (with a guest relations tourguide) hanging outside the penny arcade on “Main Street.” A little while later, with the park all but empty, the witness spotted to group “chattering and laughing” during a stroll through Downtown Disney back to their hotel.

Photo from PR Photos

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