CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara Review!

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Wow…talk about 24HR for real!! The new CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara (In stores in January 2012) is the like the cooler, older sister to the LashBlast, that can stay out late! The LashBlast (the orange one) has been one of my favorite mascaras since it hit the market a few years ago and when I heard that CoverGirl has a new one coming out I said…how can it beat the original and it blew my socks off! First off the mascara looks super natural, even with two coats…I had no clumping and it gave me super long lashes with tons of volume for a full 24 hours. For the sake of beauty…because I roll like that…I gasp slept in my mascara, how else could I test the 24 hour test and it lasted 24 hours. Now did it still have the freshness from when I first applied…no, but I my lashes had very little wear but they were still perky!

The LastBlast 24HR Mascara has a longwear formula virtually eliminates the need for reapplication. There are protective resins resist skin’s natural oils, ensuring smudge-resistant, and flake-resistant volume for hours.

Price: $8.95

Curled with 2 cots of LashBlast 24HR Mascara

After 24 hours of wear and my lashes don’t curl naturally so its all the LashBlast!

In stores January 2012!!!

**Product was provided for review, opinions are my own**

Photo from CoverGirl & Me!

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