Did Drake Admit to a Fling with Serena Williams?

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Hmmm, we all saw Drake attend one of Serena Williams tennis matches and we wonder were these two hooking up? But then we heard nothing else about it until Drake stopped by NY’s Hot 97.1 and he kinda confirmed a little thing between them.

So this is what Drake said when asked about Serena…interesting…(audio here)

“Tennis is great exercise… it’s really great exercise.”

Drake will be the musical guest on tonight’s Saturday Night Live and he is excited!

“It’s crazy places that rap music can take you and doors that can open up off of the things that we’ve worked on all these years,” Drake told MTV News after “SNL” show rehearsals on Thursday in New York. “It’s so crazy being here today with the same band that I’ve been rolling with — all guys from Toronto. This is crazy, man, this is crazy. It’s an honor for sure.”

And you may see Drake in a skit…using his acting chops, maybe?

“I think that I’m gonna be involved in the actual skits.”

Via Vibe

Photo from NBC

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