Kim Kardashian is Suing Old Navy Over Look-a-Like!

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Kim Kardashian is suing the clothing brand, Old Navy for hiring that look-a-like Melissa Molinaro (also spotted with Reggie Bush) and putting her in their commercials. Kim does have a valid point…Melissa does look like her! Was it intentional?

Sources tell E! News that Kim’s attorney, Gary Hacket, will be filing the lawsuit against Old Navy in Los Angeles Superior Court bright and early this morning.

So why after waiting so long is she only now filing suit? Well, it’s not a pride thing—despite the fact that the ad’s Kim doppelgänger, Melissa Molinaro, is now rumored to have coupled up with none other than Kardashian ex Reggie Bush (hey, the guy’s clearly got a type).

No, as any good businesswoman can tell you, it’s not personal—it’s just business. Specifically, the business the Kardashians went into with Sears last year. You don’t get to be worth $65 million by not looking out for your sponsors, after all.

“It could ruin her relationship with Sears if she’s affiliated with Old Navy,” a source explained. “To protect her image, she had to file a lawsuit. She doesn’t even mention Melissa in the lawsuit. He name is not even in it. The commercial came out in February and Old Navy was tweeting that she looked ‘just like Kim K!'”

Back in February, a (now highly regrettable) tweet from Old Navy’s Twitter account read: “Breaking News!! @CBSNEWS reports that Old Navy’s Super CUTE star looks like @kimkardashian. #LOL. What do you think?”

While it remains unclear exactly how much Kim will seek in damages, a source told E! News that her legal team will be taking a look at Old Navy’s sales figures this year to determine whether or not there was a bump in revenue in the wake of the ads. If so, she may seek up to $20 million from the retailer.

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