Selena Quintanilla Honored With Google Doodle For Album Anniversary

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Its been 28 years since Selena debuted her first album, Selena and Google decided to honor the late singer with a special Google Doodle two years in the making! “My family and I are honored and extremely excited to have worked with Google on this Doodle and exhibit launch, not only as a way to celebrate Selena’s life and the dreams she achieved but as a tribute to Selena’s fans around the globe. This project is just yet another testament to the power of Selena’s legacy, which is still going strong 22 years later,” Selena’s sister Suzette Quintanilla says in a statement.

“Selena has always transcended cultural boundaries and having this Doodle featuring a strong, Latina woman on the homepage of Google around the world is a perfect example that. We hope that everyone – both fans and people learning about Selena for the first time – enjoys this celebration and feels the positivity and hope Selena embodied and still continues to represent today,” she continued.

The video showcases the star in one of her biggest hits,  “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” October 17 is the date Selena’s first album in 1989.

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