True Humanitarians…Brangelina donates $1M for Haiti Relief

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Brad and Angelina have pledged to donate $1M to Haiti for relief via Doctors Without Borders. The country is in total need right now and every little bit counts.

According to E!,

The big-pocketed Jolie-Pitt Foundation pledged $1 million to Doctors Without Borders, one of Brangelina’s pet causes, which has said it will be flying in additional staff and a portable hospital to treat those injured by the massive earthquake that rocked the island nation Tuesday.

The couple, who have toured the island to assist Wyclef’s Yelé Haiti charity, earlier issued the following statement: “We are devastated by the news from Haiti. We will work closely with our good friend Wyclef Jean to support the humanitarian efforts on the island and help those who have been injured and left without homes and shelter.”

I want to pledge…which one do I give to?

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