13 Simple Beauty Treatments To Do While Stuck At Home

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Who doesn’t love a good pampered day? Usually, I leave most of my at-home beauty treatments for Sundays when I need to recharge my mental batteries. But right now we can all take advantage of being home a little more (due to this ….not sure when you will read this post) and pamper ourselves even if just for a few minutes. We all want to feel good at the moment.

Right about now we are all going a little stir crazy. I know I am, but I still need a little something fun to do. So after a long day or a stressful week, it’s time to make YOU a priority! I don’t even know what day it is….but it’s always a great day for one or several at-home beauty treatments and this is not all about vanity, but sanity. Plus your skin does need to be pampered and your hair should be deep conditioned.

Easy At-Home Beauty Treatments To Try Now!

We have compiled the ultimate list of things to pamper yourself for an easy at-home beauty treatment session on any day of the week whether you have 10 minutes or a few hours and it’s all DIY at home!

Do A Facial/ Sheet Mask

easy at-home beauty treatments

When you are stressed out your skin will get the memo and start to act up—with pimples, acne, dryness, redness, etc. And that’s when it’s time to do a facial, whether it’s a sheet mask or a traditional creamy type of mask. I like to use sheet masks just before they are so fun and creep out my dog, but any mask will do!!!


Apply A Deep Conditioning Mask On Your Hair

Deep conditioner at home beauty treatment

Deep conditioning will do so much for your dry stressed out hair. I love to sit back on Sunday or whenever I have  10-15 minutes and just let my hair sit with all that deep vitamin goodness to soften my hair. Rinse out and style hair as usual.

Paint Your Nails

Sally Hansen Polish
Sally Hansen

Paint your nails. This has to be the best time to learn to do your perfect manicure or pedicure. I always tend to mess up at least one of my nails but with this tiny bit of extra time ( we are all mostly stuck in our homes right now right?) it should be a little easier to let the paint set instead of running out the door as soon as you paint your nails.

Tip: Always apply nail polish  to the tip of the nail to seal in the color.

Tip: Always use a base coat since polish sticks better to the base coat layer than a bare nail.

Massage Your Face

Do you have a Jade roller? If you said yes it’s time to apply some pressure to all those tense spots. Currently, I have tons of anxiety and I have been working out a little more to burn off some steam, but I still feel stressed. If you have a jade roller (I need one), I would spend a few minutes rolling over my face at night after washing my but before your nightly serum. It’s a great way to incorporate a little more me-time before bedtime.

Meditation for the Soul

Ahhhh meditation! I need to do this more. Ok so meditation isn’t really an at-home beauty treatment, but sometimes we all need a little more calm time. Your mind might be racing with health concerns, family, money, kids, work, etc. But as much as we need to be on the go 5-10 minutes in the morning to relax your mind and get it ready for the day is beneficial to the soul. It’s a great way to recharge!

  • Try an app like Headspace (they have a free trial for you to try it out)

Take A Warm Bath

Uhhh a warm bath. Remember being a little kid and getting a bath. For me, it was usually on Saturday evenings since weekdays were too busy for bath time, but if you have a tub then go for it…lock the door, turn on the faucet and just sit back! Easy peasy if your kids will let you…if you have kids and a tub! And don’t forget the bath bomb.

Exfoliate Your Entire Body

scrub for at-home beauty

After that warm bath, it’s time to stand up and scrub down. I would grab a great exfoliator scrub and work that into my skin from head to toe including your booty. Ever heard of a butt facial—well this would be like a butt scrub. Really get into the skin and go up and down your body in circular motions for a few minutes. Rinse off and don’t forget to lotion up to keep in all your moisture.

DIY a Lip Scrub

It’s super simple to make your own lip scrub. Brit+Co has a  great list of DIY lip scrubs but you can make your own scrub with sugar, honey, and olive oil.  Grab a small jar and mix equal parts honey and sugar (about 1 tablespoon each) and a bit of olive oil. Perfecting Your Blow Dry

Perfecting Your Blow Dry

Blow dry-- at home beauty treatment

A lot of people already blow dry their hair a few times a week and others let their hair air dry and others go to salons but right now so many people are at home that it’s time to perfect your blow-dry. I love it when I first blow dry my hair. Some people like second-day hair, but I LOVE first-day hair. NOw would be the time to perfect your blow out or try that new flat iron trick you saw on the internet.

 Do a Quick Pedicure

pedicure at home beauty treatment

Wow, up until last week my feet were almost completely forgotten. They were rough and my socks (and my guy) were dealing with it. I decided to use my Amope to give my feet a little love. It’s one of my favorite beauty tools since there is instant gratification from using it just once. But you may need to use it a few times to get the smoothest feet of your life. If I only have 5 minutes I will run the Amope on the bottom of my feet, but if I have like 10 minutes I make sure I hit all my roughest spots for a little longer and I add some cuticle oil.

Practice a Makeup Skill 

PR Photos

I’m always looking at makeup tutorials on Youtube,  among other things (fashion, fitness, and food). I’m a bit obsessed with YouTube for makeup and hair. So now is the time to open up your favorite channel for that YouTube guru you love and get cracking. While I love makeup I am still a newbie when it comes to a lot of techniques and styles.  I would love to perfect my smokey eyes or get a super contoured face. You might want to practice putting on false eyelashes or making sure your eyebrows are on point.

Tweeze brows

Eyebrow tutorial- home beauty treatment

 While you’re stuck at home you make it a little anxious and think about waxing your own eyebrows but put the wax down and pick up a pair of tweezers. Since tweezers only pick up one here at a time it will prevent you from over-plucking your eyebrows—hopefully. Now is the time to take your time and only pluck the hairs that need to go.

Tip: Fill in your eyebrows first and then pluck as to avoid over-plucking your eyebrows and ending up with uneven brows.

Celebrity eyebrow styles

Self-tan your body

 I haven’t self-tanned in a while, but now that I’m a little bored at home I’m thinking about taking out my favorite self-tanner and slathering it on. But first, make sure you have your favorite tanning gloves to avoid any slip-ups and get to tanning. Be sure to do it at night after you put your kids to sleep to avoid getting tanning lotion all over your kids and having to explain that other people. Although since you are probably social distance yourself from other people that little accident could probably stay secret with just you.

Bonus: Head To Bed Early!

Don’t underestimate the benefits of sleep. Although this is not another one of our at-home beauty treatments, sleep is one of the best things you can do for your body skin and so let’s be honest. So right now after a long day of being home filled with anxiety, we should all get a good night’s sleep. This also includes taking little naps during the day or sleeping in a little longer in the morning ( if you have that luxury). Although that all depends on what type of sleeper you are.

Make Cookies for the rest of the week!

The joy of cookies!!  Cookies are definitely not a crazy simple beauty treatment but they are a treatment for the soul. Whether it’s a chocolate chip or raisin or even a protein cookie, everyone can benefit from a cookie. Take out your cookie sheet and your favorite cookie recipe and make a few cookies for the rest of the week. Please resist the urge to binge on those cookies. If they are just a little too tempting then make a small batch and share with the people in your home. 

And lastly, Check Out Pinterest for Beauty and Hair Inspo. I love spending a few minutes checking out new hair and makeup ideas for me to try and fashion inspo for me to check out once I am able to hit the streets again.

Side note: I am currently in NYC during the COVID-19 epidemic and I live in close proximity to New Rochelle, one of the first hot spots in the US. Its scary not knowing what will happen next and when this whole thing will end. I’m not used to social distancing despite being an introvert. I miss the little things like going to Starbucks. Some are still open but not close by so….that’s a big fat no. But I’m sending well wishes to those who might need a pick me up. 

13 at-home beauty treatments

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