7 Simple Step Eyebrow Tutorial For Beginners

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Eyebrow tutorial for beginners
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Eyebrows frame the face and for a long time, I just couldn’t get it. I tried to pluck my eyebrows myself and would end up with a mess—Usually one very overplucked eyebrow and one normal looking one. To be honest I’ve been through a few eyebrow phases. I don’t consider myself an expert. But, I do think that I have finally mastered my best eyebrows. With this simple eyebrow tutorial for beginners, of course, you should be able to have confidence so that you will be able to create a great natural brow since we heard Instagram brows might be on the outs!! And it will be life-changing—-well face changing we didn’t win the lottery.

As a teenager, I  used to wax my brows, but now as an adult, I get them threaded. It’s really just your personal preference. But you should get used to grooming and tweezing your brows yourself (even if just a few stray hairs in between your maintenance appointments). There were a few scary years when I tried to tweeze them myself and well I butchered them—I had to grow them out a bunch of times and that’s when my hat phase began (uhhh thank goodness those days are over). But now that those days are in the past I’m finally comfy with my brows and their shape, so I love to fill in my brows. It really makes a difference to my face. I am just a woman trying to take her eyebrows from cousins to sisters (twins would be the dream or maybe Zendaya’s brows). 

Why You Should Fill In Your Eyebrows?

There was once a time that I didn’t think that eyebrows made a difference when it came to my makeup look. That was just a younger, more naive me. Now I know that your face needs that extra love in the brow department when it comes to makeup. Even with a minimal makeup look, your face will benefit from a filled-in brow. The eyebrows are perfect with a light hand and an eyebrow pencil to complete your face.

Picking Your Eyebrow Shape Based on Your Face Shape

Eyebrow shapes are very different, and you also have to take into consideration your face and eye shape. Although we should follow the natural eyebrow shape we also need a little extra oomph to balance out our face shapes. Check out these celebrity eyebrows below for an inspired shape.

Celebrity Eyebrow Shapes

Round Faces should go for a more arched brow to make your face appear longer (Mila Kunis)

Oval Faces should go for a softer arch (Jessica Alba)

Heart Faces can play up their features with a rounded arch (Halle Berry)

Long Faces can play with a shorter brow for balance (Sarah Jessica Parker)

Diamond faces should do a curved brow to shorten the face (Shakira)

Square Faces can rock a soft  brow with a slight arch to soften the face (Kiera Knightly)

Choosing Your Eyebrow Products 

For this easy eyebrow tutorial for beginners, we will use an eyebrow pencil (I like the Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define), but you could use a pomade or a powder as well. As you get comfy with filling in your brows you will eventually branch out to more advanced techniques. This tutorial will yield you beautiful natural brows that you can do every day with ease.

All The Eyebrow Tutorial Tools You Need For Perfect Brows

Eyebrow Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step Tutorial

Step One: Eyebrow Prep

Make sure your eyebrows are nice and clean and free of stray hairs. Tweeze any unruly and out of place hairs. I also use a brow razor to clean around the side of my brows and a little above just to make my brow extra sharp. 

Step Two: Brush Eyebrow Hairs

Brush brow hairs up, over and into their natural shape. You will find that you will brush your brow hairs a few times while filling in the brows.

Step Three: Map Out Brow

Eyebrow diagram
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It’s good to map out where you will want to fill in your brows (Diagram Above). Fun fact: your eyebrows and nose are actually in proportion to each other and will help you know where to start and end your brows. Take the pencil and line up your nostrils up past your nose and the inner edge of your brow and make a tiny pencil mark (A). Next line up your nostrils to the iris of your eye and your brow. That’s the arch (B) and lastly, line up your nostrils to the edge of your eyelid and the end of your brow (C) and that will be the tail of your brow.

Step Four: Start Filling In Eyebrow

Start by lightly lining the inner (bottom, not the top) arch of your brow with a pencil in your brow hair color or one shade darker. Starting here will give you the shape you want to start with. Use the spoolie to gently brush hairs up and blend. Go back to the arch and blend out to the tail. Don’t touch the front of the brow just yet. You will do a lot of blending to make sure your brows look natural with no hard lines. 

Step Five: Continue Lining Brows

Now line the top of the eyebrow arch and again gently brush down. Light strokes!!

Step Six: Fill In Brows

Now with a light hand, make small strokes with the pencil to fill in your brow as if they were tiny hairs to mimic what real hair looks like. 

Extra: If you have really sparse hair you may want to invest in a brow pen to make a few more realistic hairs.

Step Seven: Keep Brows in Line

Add a little brow gel to keep your brows from moving around. Right now I use Benefit Gimme Brow+ Brow-Volumizing Tinted Fiber Gel but I’ve also used Maybelline’s clear mascara as a brow gel.

Optional—add a little concealer brow bone to make the brow pop. Using a small tipped makeup brush add a little concealer on the brow bone to make your brow clean and sharp. Then blend out (and down if you are using as an eyeshadow primer).

I have also included an easy cheat sheet for my eyebrow tutorial for beginners below.

Step by step eyebrow tutorial
Easy 7 step eyebrow Tutorial
Super East Eyebrow Tutorial For beginners

Let me know if you tried the tutorial and as always if you don’t get in down in one try just keep trying and you will get your perfect natural eyebrow.

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